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Who We Are

Creative Media House


SouthSixty is a creative media house creating out of Binghamton, New York. 

We work with brands that are local and around the world to create visionary film, digital, and commercial content.


If you have a story, we want to tell it.



Meet the Team



Storyteller  •  Cinematographer  •  Filmmaker

Growing up, I was obsessed with sharing stories and ideas with others. I'm always looking for new ways to share stories and people to share them with. Filmmaking lets me do just that. That's why when it comes to storytelling, a camera is my weapon of choice.


Creative  •  Project Manager  •  Filmmaker

I am a dreamer who grew up with a passion for adventure. Bringing new ideas to life has driven me to hone my skills as an artist. Photography, Filmmaking, and Music have always been the outlets of my creativity. 

We came together with one common goal: Connect (with you) Create (killer content) Share (worldwide)

 As individuals we are good at what we do, but as a team we thrive.